Animated Stories

The Dew Drop Fairy

Very few people know that the gates to the Realm of the Fairies face to the east, which is a great advantage, for in the morning there you may sit and watch the golden sun climb into the sky; and the rich red tints she sends out upon the land before she climbs high above the Realm of the Fairies, are beyond measure beautiful and attractive. Especially, I believe, the Dew Drop Fairy enjoys this time of day the most, for she is a very odd little creature, rather conceited, and fond of everything pretty; consequently she likes to be floating above spider webs and sprinkles dew drops on their silver threads so that they shine in the morning sun. She wears many pretty dresses and changes colour when the crimson and golden hues of the sunrise shine on her face, knowing very well she looks like so many bright flowers on the occasion.